Rob Bates

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Adobe Illustrator • Photoshop • WordPress/Woocommerce • HTML/CSS • Copywriting • Problem Solving • Business Planning • 15 years in Graphic Design • Creative Marketing Ideas • Instagram Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Self Starter • Inventor (my patent#US8950013B2) • Bass Guitar • Music Composition • Screen Printer

Musician Business Owner Inventor Marketer

Hello, my name is Rob

I love to create. I’ve been making things my whole life.

As a touring musician I helped book tours and promote albums. While on tour I gained experience working with different personalities to reach common goals. During this time, I started screen printing to make our merch more profitable. I was able to network with other bands and make money between tours handling their printing needs.

In 2009, I had an idea I eventually patented. Taking this idea to market gave me a crash course in business. Writing a business plan, preparing for national trade shows, creating brochures and sales pages, etc. That idea didn’t pan out but, the experience was extremely valuable.

Running every aspect of my print business taught me a lot! Marketing to attract new clients, clearly communicating with them to ensure a perfect order, correctly ordering job materials, preparing and or creating artwork for press, counting in the shirts, the actual print process, quality control, recounting the shirts, delivering them to the customer ON TIME, billing, asking for referrals and repeat!

The grind of printing was starting to wear me out. I gravitated toward the marketing, graphic design, and social media parts of my business. In 2016, I learned HTML/CSS(and a little Javascript) using the WordPress platform. I built a full e-commerce website for my print business. The site included a way for clients to upload artwork, design shirts, and place orders. I drove traffic to the site through organic Instagram marketing. Our following grew from 150 followers to 2500 in less than a year.

I genuinely enjoyed the process of web design and growing social media platforms, but I was burnt out on printing. In 2018, I sold my screen printing business in order go into marketing full time. The experience I gained wearing every hat in a business, gives me a different perspective than the average graphic designer, web developer, and marketer. I know what its like to have your name on the product. I treat everything I create for a clients if it was for my own business.

Let's make stuff!

[email protected]

TL DR: Musician turned entrepreneur/marketer/web developer/social media manager and wants to help grow your business.

Graphic Design

I’ve been working in graphic design for 15 years. I have experience creating wide range of designs on many different mediums. 

 Brochure Designs • Price Sheets • Marketing Materials • Business Cards • T shirt Designs • Website Mockups • Social Media Advertisements • Flyer Design • Print Ready Vector Graphics • Logo Design • Screen Printing Color Separations • Sales Pages • Plaque and Award Setups

Web Design

Sites I’ve created

  • They’re all mobile responsive.
  • Built on WordPress/Woocommerce with  HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP tweaks.
  • I edited all images

Music + Video Editing

I’ve been making music and playing the bass guitar for 20+ years. I have a network of fantastic musicians and access to a recording studio. If you’re in need of original music for your next project, I’d love to help. I’ve been learning with video production. This is a sample video that I synced up a separately recorded audio track and did some light video editing.

Let's make stuff!

[email protected]

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