The Resume of Rob Bates

[email protected] • 517.420.5778

Hello, I’m Rob and I live in metro Detroit. I like to work on websites, coordinate social media, design graphics, and write copy. My goal is to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and assist your sales team.

What I can do for you!

Here’s a few things I’m extremely good at, and can help you with:

  • Can help create sales pages, including layout, copy, and images
  • Can help build, improve, and optimize your website
  • Can help increase your social media presence
  • Can help design your logo and branding
  • Can help layout a SEO strategy
  • Can play bass in your band!

[email protected] • 517.420.5778

TL DR: Musician/entrepreneur/marketer/web designer/social media strategist and wants to help grow your business.

Current Projects

LPD Music is a wholesale musical instrument distributor.

I’ve been working with LPD since Jan 2019.

So far I’ve:

  • Fixed and secured a company wide spam email problem
  • Discovered a hack on the website and laid out steps to correct it
  • Installed SSL security lock on their site
  • Revamped LPD’s site, its more user friendly, and mobile responsive
  • Increased site speed by 35% with properly sized/compressed images and caching
  • Added email collection to their website, for lead generation
  • Built sales pages for Aria, Aria Pro II, and Paracho Elite guitar brands
  • Grew their Instagram from 109 to 540 followers since April 2019 with no paid ads.
  • Generated 500+ leads for the sales team from Instagram
  • Connected Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Improved SEO to rank for “Music Wholesale” and other related terms
  • Taken hundreds of product photos for use on social media and LPD’s catalog

Things I've Created for LPD

Squared Circle Revue

SCR only happens 2 times a year. This almost indescribable show has been a treat to work with.

For SCR I’ve:

  • Created the website from the ground up
  • Started the Instagram page
  • Edited all photos on the website from the original green screen pictures
  • Help with marketing promotions when there’s an upcoming event

My band, we play original music around the midwest.

We’re currently planning release our first record

With ellyeahdehd I’ve:

  • Built our website
  • Created our logo
  • Started @ellyeahdehd Instagram/Facebook/Youtube pages
  • Video editing and syncing audio tracks
  • Planning an album release
  • Contributing to the songwriting process
  • Handle all show booking

Past Projects

1 Effin Ink(2017-2018)

An experiment in web design, marketing, and screen print

I built a full e-commerce website for my print business. The site included a way for clients to upload artwork, design shirts, and place orders through the website. I drove traffic to the site exclusively through influencer marketing. One ink’s Instagram following grew from 150 followers to 2500 in less than a year.

I genuinely enjoyed the process of web design and growing social media platforms, but the more shirts I printed the more I disliked printing. In 2018, I sold my screen printing business and went into freelance marketing/web design.

The experience I’ve gained wearing every hat in a business, gives me a different perspective than the average graphic designer, web developer, or marketer. I know what it’s like to have your name on the product. I will treat everything I create for you as if it was for my own business.

Shirt Razor (2014-2017)
Screen printing business I ran with a co founder

Running every aspect of a print business taught me a lot! Marketing to attract new clients, clearly communicating to ensure a perfect order, correctly ordering job materials, preparing and or creating artwork for press, counting in shirts, the actual print process, quality control, recounting tees, delivering them to the customer ON TIME, billing, asking for referrals and repeat! 

This business did ok, but the physical grind of printing was wearing me out. In 2016, I started learning HTML/CSS and WordPress/woocommerce along with digital marketing.

American Awards and Engraving (2013-2019)
My family’s business for over 25 years

I worked there part time as a graphic designer. I created all sorts of custom plaques and trophies. I created They sold the business in the spring of 2019 to retire.

Grip Gear/GG Printing (2009-2013)

In 2009, I had an idea I eventually patented. Taking this idea to market gave me a crash course in business. Writing a business plan, preparing for national trade shows, creating brochures and sales pages, etc. That idea didn’t pan out, but the experience was extremely valuable. I continued to print shirts while pursuing Grip Gear.

Downtown Brown/Merica Printing 2005-2013)

As a touring musician I helped book tours and promote albums. While on tour I gained experience working with different personalities to reach common goals. During this time, I started screen printing to make our merch more profitable. I was able to network with other bands and make money between tours handling their printing needs. 

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